Our mission is two fold; to provide state of the art, environmentally compliant products that answer the needs of our customers and to maintain the highest customer service standards in the industry.

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Precision Technical Coatings offers an array of Eco-friendly products. From Water-based sealers and Wood Coatings to High Gloss Paints and Bumper Primer, Precision is here for you. Browse our paint products to find what you need.

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At Precision Technical Coatings, we are committed to ensuring the conservation of our environment by producing environmentally safe products. Over 95% of our paint products are water-based.

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About Our Company

Precision Technical Coatings was founded in Berkeley, CA in 1966 by Victor Emmerich. He opened the business with the goal of providing superior paints and coatings at a competitive price, and with exceptional customer service. Precision’s dedication to putting customers first resulted in rapid growth and success. Today Precision still provides the same unmatched level of customer care that Mr. Emmerich demanded.

Precision began as a local supplier dedicated to providing custom formulations and solutions for their customers. Today, Precision still employs that same philosophy. Precision offers paint and coatings solutions to a wide variety of industries ranging from FDA compliant formulas for the packaging industry to performance coatings for the auto industry and everything in between.

While much has remained the same as when Precision opened its doors in 1966, changes in science and our growing understanding of our impact on the world around us have prompted Precision to make changes in the way our products are made and delivered. Precision prides itself on being a green thinking company, and strives to maximize efforts to promote a green agenda. Our environmental experts specialize in moving our customers from solvent based paint with high VOCs to water based products with low VOCs. In addition to doing our part to protect our planet, this move also allows our customers more freedom on usage levels.

Precision Technical Coatings remains headquartered in Berkeley, CA. Although the company has grown from its humble beginnings, President and owner Michael Emmerich continues the tradition of superior products and excellent customer service.